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In 1977, the year punk broke, I was born in the North of Ireland. A kid of the 80s who escaped ‘The Troubles’ to a galaxy far, far away.

At school I was an A grade art student before I embarked upon a life long adventure with my brothers in the chart topping rock band ASH.

I've spent years touring with the band, playing to audiences all over the world.

Today I reside in both Jersey City, NJ, and in the north east of England. I have two awesome kids and a wonderful girlfriend.

N Ireland_edited.png


Performing with ASH at the Beautiful Days festival in Devon, 2019 (Photo: Rebecca Bird)

Over the years I have done lots of graphic design; creating logos, t-shirts, album covers, posters, flyers and all sorts of merchandise.

I love action figures, comic books and lots of other geeky shit which infiltrates my work.

Ash logo_edited.jpg
Mark Drawing_edited.jpg

I also love to build things. It started as a child with Lego, but now I love crafting and building anything from giant puppets to parade floats or stage props.


I really got into the chalk art craze and can beautify anywhere - corporate office wall spaces, kids' bedrooms, restaurant displays, NYC sidewalks, playgrounds and backyards - if it can be chalked it has been chalked!

My latest commission was a set of custom tabletops which I added epoxy to for durable commercial use.

I’m always looking for new, challenging projects and if you want to hire an artist who will deliver you something special, hit me up and let's chat!

Creating a custom table top for NoSo bar in Hoboken, NJ

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