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Hi, I’m Mark. I’m an artist and designer.

I can paint anything I set my mind to.

I recently painted a series of custom bar table tops at the request of a friend. People freaked out and loved them!

I can build pretty much anything too; giant street theater puppets, stage and float props, corporate office wall art, chalk murals, album covers, logos, t-shirt designs…

Tell me what you want, pay me well, and we’ll be friends.

I love a challenge, so give me one!

Jeff Soto character mash-up with the classic Northern Soul logo in this custom table top.


Marc Russell,

Northern Soul, Hoboken

Rick McMurray,

NoSo had these really beat up uninspiring tabletops and I didn’t really know what to do with them. Mark took them and created a series of masterpieces. They’ve added loads of character to the place and the locals love them. Everyone has a favorite and can’t wait for his next reveal.

From the earliest days of the band Mark has been a driving force behind the visual side of Ash. He's created merch designs, logos and single and album artwork for the band. He’s always had strong ideas and has worked alongside art directors at Atlantic, Warner’s and BMG to visually represent our music.

J Alexandra Pruner, 


Karen McMinnis,

Cancer Focus Northern Ireland

I've had the honor to collaborate with Artist Extraordinaire Mark Hamilton. Mark transformed our office space with his detailed, exquisite, and delightful chalk art. I highly recommend Mark for your next creative design...not to mention he can share stories of touring around the globe with his band Ash!

Mark came up with an extremely innovative idea to create customized #Rockbangles from used guitar strings. These are without doubt an amazing piece of gig memorabilia. The fans absolutely love them! It has generated a huge amount of brand awareness for the charity and raised funds to help pioneering breast cancer research at Queen's University Belfast. It has been fantastic collaborating with Mark on this venture.

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