I love just starting a project with a loose idea and no definitive end point set in stone. It can be quite exiting as that initial idea then evolves towards a finished piece. That pull to new places you had not envisioned is like a gift from the ether.  I guess it’s that unexplained thing that puts the magic into any form of art - writing a song, painting a mural or sketching a new character.

Table tops

Murals and chalk art


Last year I took on the rather large project of customizing a series of bar table tops for my friend's bar, Northern Soul in Hoboken. It’s been a really rewarding project because I started out painting designs at his request but gradually got more free rein to do whatever I wanted. I also worked with the guys at Tribeca Grain to epoxy the surfaces, protecting the paintings, ready for hard, durable wear in the bar. I’m looking forward to doing more tables like these and love that they have become real conversation starters and make the place feel very vibrant.

I love painting wall murals or chalking large spaces. Wall art can be so striking and grab your attention from across the street or hit you when you walk into a room. Having that space to create something eye-catching is a like having a gigantic playground to have fun with. While chalk art isn’t so permanent it can be more quickly executed and I love getting covered in it!

Graphic design


ASH began with a very hands-on, DIY-ethic. While Tim was our frontman and main songwriter, I took the lead on designing our own posters, merchandise, cover art, logos and even got involved with video editing and website design. Photoshop has got me in trouble on more than one occasion but I still like to manipulate images in the name of art and rock n’ roll!

I recently realized ASH threw away a lot of guitar strings on tour and decided they needed to be saved from landfill and recycled into something with purpose. The result was #rockbangles - beautiful but edgy bracelets with a story to tell. The first batch were so popular they sold out instantly and all profits are being donated to CancerFocusNI. The #rockbangles project is an ongoing team effort close to my family's heart and we have big plans in the works.